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The Ultimate Scuba Gear Maintenance Guide

Are you a scuba diver? A diver should know how well to keep their swimming costumes. You see, staying safe should always be the priority of a diver. Be sure to dive in the top available equipment. And if you already own a scuba gear, then you should ensure it is well maintained. First, you need to make sure it’s stored, cleaned and transported the right way. We created this tutorial to guide you on how you can keep your equipment in the best condition.

The mask

Start with the simplest of all the scuba gear items and that’s the mask. You should not let a faulty mask to put you in danger of having a bad dive. Instead, you should be enjoying the swimming experience to the best you can. To do this, maintain your mask well. For instance, there are many people who think that cleaning it is all about spitting on the glass. Such methods are not effective and you should have a shampoo for that work as it will kill bacteria too.

You should store it in a cool dry place where it cannot be affected by direct sunlight. Then, carry it in its special case. If you do not have one, you can always rely on the soft clothes you have, wrap it safely for transportation.

The wetsuit

Just like you do in normal clothes, you should take care of the swimming suit. The wet suit needs to be soaked in warm water a few minutes before washing it. Then, find some neoprene and then use it to clean the crevices and cracks in the suit. Consider washing the inside part too. Turn it inside out and then repeat the cleaning process.

Always clean the wetsuit after you are done with your diving trip. First, you should soak it in a mild detergent and then wash it. Avoid the dryer as it can easily damage the wetsuit. It is easy to transport it as you only need to stack it in the other clothes in your suitcase.

Scuba diving fins

The fins are the other important piece of swimming equipment that you need to take good care of. Always keep them on good shape and clean them often. If you want to clean it well, soak it in fresh water and then wash it. You may also need to spray them with silicone as a way of improving their looks and longevity. You should be careful whenever you want to store the fins as they can be easily distorted with by hard surfaces. So, do not place them against a wall or a hard surface and you will be good to go. Instead of all this, do not store then in any place where they can be bent but rather, find a way of putting in a way it cannot bend. Again, whenever you want to carry it, do not bend it. Check this site for inspiration.